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iRiver MP3 Jukebox Battery Installation Guide

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The instructions below come with no warranty or guarantee, proper or improper assembly or use of excessive force may result in damage to the parts involved or to your PDA/Mp3 Player. By utilizing these instructions, you agree to hold Laptops For Less blameless and unaccountable for damages or problems caused by use of these instructions. These instruction require a moderate level of technical ability and proficiency in the use of hand tools, as well as a general understanding of electronic components. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the installation of this replacement battery.


Step 1:

Use the included T-5 Torx wrench to remove the eight screws from the top and bottom of the device.


Step 2:

Once the screws are removed, pull off the top and bottom silver platic case covers. They should easily slide off the the device.


Step 3:

Use the T-5 wrench to remove the two black screws from the side of the device. You should now be able to pull the case apart and get a view of the hard drive.


Step 4:

Remove the hard drive by carefully pulling it away from its connector. You may need to lift the drive as you pull to provide for proper clearance.


Step 5:

Once the hard drive is removed, use the T-5 wrench to remove the six screws from the motherboard. You should now be able to remove the front case cover from the device.


Step 6:

Flip over the motherboard to get a view of the screen and the battery power connector. As you can see, the power connector must be removed from the motherboard and the battery removed from its spot on the back case cover. The battery is attached to the cover with a small amount of glue. Simply use your finger to pry the battery away from the case cover.


Step 7:

Disconnect the power connector by pulling it away from the socket. Please make sure you remember the battery orientation within the case. Connect the power cable of the new battery by positioning it within the power socket, pushing it in. Apply the new battery to the original glue spots within the battery compartment.

Snap on the front cover, put back the six motherboard screws and reapply the hard drive. Snap on the back cover and reapply the silver plastic case pieces. Put back the eight silver screws and the two black screws.

Your new battery will need a minimum of three hours of charging before first use.